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  • Why should we perform professional whitening at the Andent clinic?
  • Because the gel used for whitening acts directly on the dentin and not on the enamel, so it does not damage the enamel.
  • We use the opalescence gel - BOOST, which is among the best.

  • Vito made a fully porcelain metal bridge in his upper jaw due to the lack of teeth he had.
  • Professional whitening in the lower jaw to avoid the difference, as the teeth were healthy.
  • Very happy with the result as seen in the video.

  • The anomaly (problem) was with rotated teeth in the frontal region (first teeth) and a crossbite on the right side of the mouth.
  • She wanted to straighten her teeth without being noticed by anyone in the very mundane life, and surely the perfect solution in this case were Transparent Mask.
  • After the case study, the patient received all the detailed information from the specialist doctor. I have certainly seen the final results digitally.

  • Rozario performed 12 total implants, 6 in the upper jaw and 6 in the lower jaw.
  • 48 hours after the surgery we performed an immediate filling (temporary teeth).
  • He returns after 3 months to place the final zirconium teeth.


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