Dental implants are used to restore function and dental aesthetics the natural tooth is made up of two parts:

1- The crown, the visible part
2- Root to be replaced by the plant.

an implant is a screw made of biocompatible material that reduces allergies, inflammation and integrates perfectly with the bone and therefore returns the functionality of the tooth to 100%.

A procedure we perform in a dental implant

The first phase - diagnosis: First free examination of the dentist's examinations clinically or through a 3d scan. In this case diagnosis of placing an implant or not.

The second phase - surgery: The surgery takes place under local anesthesia and then we proceed to insert the implant into the bone, this procedure takes no more than 20 minutes

OSTEOINTEGRATION: the dental implant must be integrated into the bone from 3 to 6 months

FINAL PHASE: The dental crown in zircon or ceramic will be fixed.

Advantages of dental implants

1-They are fixed permanently and securely

2-They do not cause problems for the natural teeth that are close together

3-If you perform proper oral hygiene they have an extremely long-lasting.

Success rates Since 2015 we have carried out over 15,000 implant surgery with a success rate of 99%.

Stability: No chewing problems and no risk of mobility of the artificial tooth.

In the ANDENT clinic we use one of the 2 best of the al implants

world called MEGA GEN. The patient is provided with a guarantee certificate which contains all the data of the implant inserted by the patient.

Maximum standard of hygiene and consolidated protocols for implant placement. the patient does not feel swelling or pain if he follows the doctor's advice. ongoing assistance by a qualified team for this procedure

We are not a low cost clinic.

Andent is not a 'low cost' clinic, but our prices are accessible only due to the fact that our tax system and living costs in Albania are the lowest that in all of Europe giving us the possibility that the same quality and value of dentistry in Europe to find it in Albania, 50% less than in Europe.

We believe that the best marketing \ commercialization for Andent is the satisfied customer, so in our success of a few years it has only influenced the excellent work done to each customer who went very happy with our work suggesting us to be patient in others. For this reason, every patient takes safety and maximum guarantee of the dental service offered by Andet, in this way we have managed to be among the best in this sector.

What are the qualities of a clinic without low cost. (No Low Cost)

  • Certified materials with implant passport As we have also mentioned above, we use one of the two best implants in the world. Megagen for maximum 100% safety.
  • The excellent qualified medical staff with the best maxillofacial surgeons in Albania, qualified assistant and anesthetist, and the entire medical staff is certified and trained in the West. All our staff speak Italian perfectly.
  • Pre-intervention examinations to plan the intervention with maximum safety.
  • The most modern technology in clinical equipment, geared for precise interventions.
  • The highest standards of hygiene in maximum safety with the protocols of the European Union.
  • Clinic in the center of Tirana.
  • Hotel \ Four-star hotel for a more comfortable accommodation during the time of the intervention.
  • 100% guaranteed results.
  • We have professionals in our staff to intervene even in the most complex situations such as those with heart disease or those with diabetes.

Pay attention

We are not 'a regulatory firm' between the client and the patient, we are the Andent clinic itself located in the Tirana quore with 15 years of experience.

You need to be very careful who you entrust with your oral health. Always be sure where to go by knowing the name of the clinic, the safety it offers, the types of implants it uses, who the doctors and their certifications are and the entire staff in the clinic. Do not show trust in third agencies but come directly to Andent for maximum quality and guarantee, and a fantastic price.

During your stay we offer free included in the cost of the treatment:

  • Free four-star hotel only 10 meters from the clinic for two people during the treatment time.
  • Reception at the airport and transfer to the clinic and finally return to the airport after the treatment.
  • Assistance in the Italian language by the entire staff.
  • Albanian phone number as needed.
  • The quality and the guarantee differentiate us.

Our Clients Experience

  • Why should we perform professional whitening at the Andent clinic?
  • Because the gel used for whitening acts directly on the dentin and not on the enamel, so it does not damage the enamel.
  • We use the opalescence gel - BOOST, which is among the best.


  • Vito made a fully porcelain metal bridge in his upper jaw due to the lack of teeth he had.
  • Professional whitening in the lower jaw to avoid the difference, as the teeth were healthy.
  • Very happy with the result as seen in the video.

  • The anomaly (problem) was with rotated teeth in the frontal region (first teeth) and a crossbite on the right side of the mouth.
  • She wanted to straighten her teeth without being noticed by anyone in the very mundane life, and surely the perfect solution in this case were Transparent Mask.
  • After the case study, the patient received all the detailed information from the specialist doctor. I have certainly seen the final results digitally.

  • Rozario performed 12 total implants, 6 in the upper jaw and 6 in the lower jaw.
  • 48 hours after the surgery we performed an immediate filling (temporary teeth).
  • He returns after 3 months to place the final zirconium teeth.


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