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If you need dental care in our clinic, we offer you complete and professional assistance for your dental problems. You can request a quote for dental care without obligation and an estimate of the costs.
You will find a highly qualified staff and a dental care service that also includes other services included in the cost in addition to the therapy you will also receive a free stay for 2 people

Choose dental tourism!

Call our toll-free number or send us an email or contact us on Facebook
We will follow you to reach Tirana recommending the best airlines, saving you a lot of money and any other information you need.

Free quote
Free first check-up
Once you have filled in the medical history form, performed a 3D CT scan (2-3 days are enough) you will receive a personalized treatment plan, a detailed quote and, if you wish, you can start immediately.

- Free transfer from the airport and assistance in English even if you decide not to accept the quote.
- You will have a detailed estimate and the possibility of starting the intervention immediately.
- Sending a dental overview.
- If you have a dental overview and you want to receive a remote quote you can send it to our official contacts

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